Sketch From Scratch To Sketchbook in 10 Weeks...and beyond!
(...actually a FULL YEAR!)

How to Start to Learn to Draw And Fill A Sketchbook!

A Step-by-Step Online Drawing Course Supporting You Build An Understanding of the Drawing Techniques You Need to Be Able to Draw And Learn to Fill a Lifetime of Sketchbooks!


Course Lessons

Before I Tell You About This Course, Let's Explore Who This is For...

You're someone that has always longed to pick up a pencil and draw but have perhaps believed that you're not talented enough! You struggle to know where to start with your drawing and would like to learn the basic principles needed to build a drawing skill. You may feel you lack the confidence let alone the motivation and ability to even know where to start. You've always been slightly intimidated by the idea of drawing but want to give it a go! 

Whether you're someone who; 
  • Is brand NEW to drawing and NEVER had an arts background. 
  • Get's so far with your drawing and gets stuck or frustrated!
  • Would like to build an understanding of the techniques needed to draw. 
  • Is learning from scratch and wants to formulate a step by step approach unique to you. 
  • Wants to refresh your drawing knowledge.
  • Would love to feel confident to be able to draw anything anywhere!
  • Would like to learn to develop your own creative style through drawing.
  • Would love to be able to know what you need to do to make your drawings look like you'd like them to!
  • Wants to finally finish those empty sketchbooks! (Yes! I show you how to get past the first page!) 
Then this course is for you!

I'll be demystifying the art of drawing and supporting you build your confidence as you move towards building a fulfilling sketching habit! 

By the End of This Course, You Will Have:

  An Understanding of drawing basics!

Every session will cover specific fundamental drawing topics such as mark making, the 5 basic principles of drawing (contours, shapes and spaces, perspective and proportion, tone and shade), the equipment you need, and how you make all these work for you in your sketchbooks! 

  Learned to Stay Motivated to Draw!

With weekly LIVE sessions that will be uploaded in your learning library you can get inspired whenever you need to! This course will support you identify the motivation behind wanting to draw and sketch. The Facebook group will also be an opportunity to share your work, meet others and feel supported! 

  Mastered New Drawing Techniques.

You will have understood the "science" behind drawing and chosen how to use what you learn, adapting it to a new drawing practise. Over the time we have together during the year you will have a change to practice material in different ways. 

  Become More Confident, Learned How to Practice!

Practice makes perfect. You will get a year's worth of it! Every month we will tackle a new sketchbook theme. (See below!) Each month we will be reviewing sections of the 10 week programme. How do you build practice into your busy day and more importantly stick to it so that you succeed at this? Over 35+ LIVE sessions as an extra resource. 

  Understand how to improve based on knowing what you need to change!

Understanding what you need to do to improve your drawing and where you may be going wrong is a fundamental aspect of practicing the drawing process but learning from it in order to improve! 

 Developed a Step-by-Step Approach to Success

All of Emily's Notebook courses are based on addressing 3 core areas to support you. You will address your success mindset, methodology as well as generating the momentum needed to fulfil your creative potential. 

"Time for Tea" Masterclass
From Sketchbook to Artwork!


  • Study time: 8 hours + sketchbook time. Learn to fill a sketchbook and then create an artwork!
  • Video time: 3 hours
  • + 3 Mini Modules and Pdf Guides
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    Sketch from Scratch to sketchbook in 60 days and beyond

    Here is what we will cover in
    this course

    Back to Basics! 

    10 instant access modules taking you through the basics of drawing focusing on mindset, methodology and motivation! 
    1. Mark making and mindset
    2. Contours
    3. Shapes and Spaces
    4. Proportion and Perspective
    5. Tone and Depth
    See more course sessions in next session...

    Filling LOADS of Sketchbooks. (You could do one a month!)

    Every month we will be introducing new themes as our focal point for subject matter. Plus embedding more of the 10 module course!
    6. Formatting your sketchbooks!
    7. Composition
    8.More proportion and perspective.
    9. The Great Outdoors.

    Weekly LIVE practice sessions! 35+ in 2023. 

    We learn by repetition and practice. We will be getting together and sketching LIVE once a week. New themes, new stories, just the same processes and techniques until you start to draw automatically. 

    Material you’ll love!

    Let's have fun while we learn. Let's create! You will learn how to look at your world in new ways during the process of this course! With bonus resources, guides and specific themes to go at every month whats not to love? 

    A Facebook Community!

    You'll gain automatic access to the Facebook community where there will be the opportunity to post work, ask questions, download and watch the weekly lives as well as meet other likeminded individuals. 

    Every Month a New Sketchbook Theme! 

    From gardens to landscapes, your home to townscapes every month we will be drawing new themes in our sketchbook focusing on embedding core materials!

    The Sketchbook Monthly Themes We Are Covering!

    Every month, in addition to the 10 week learning course, we will be focusing on sketching different themes to reinforce and support our learning.  

    There are over 30+ LIVE sessions scheduled for 2023!

    Emily is jumping on LIVE and using each theme as a means of reinforcing the drawing and sketchbook principles that you will be covering across the 10 week foundational course sessions.  Every LIVE session and its resources (in addition to the 10 week learning materials) will be uploaded in your learning platform to replay, and use to your heart's content as part of this course!  So it doesn't matter at which point you sign up for the course you have a wealth of resources to choose from with a weekly live to join.

    Don't forget too that the Facebook community will be a space in which you can comment, share further ideas, ask questions and rewatch the weekly sessions. 

    Here are the amazing themes we're covering!

    What are you waiting for? Grab your paper and pencils and get signed up! You'll be learning to draw ASAP! 
    kind words by students

    Emily's Students Love Her
    Approach To Learning!

    "The fact that I’ve nearly filled a sketchbook and 2 pencils are almost stubs, goes to show I’ve caught the bug. I have no formal art training at all, but with Emily, you gain a level of confidence and understanding that enables you to improve.
    Unlike so many other courses available, she is very hands on.
    I have found sketching to be so cathartic, it’s definitely the beginning of a journey for me,"
    "This is completely different to art courses I've taken before! Emily is SO approachable. I love how everything is broken down in bite size chunks. I struggle with concentrating for long periods of time so am very pleased with my progress. From live demonstrations that I can rewatch time and time again, to the resources, to a set theme each week. I feel throughly grounded and inspired to go draw!" 
    "I have gotten so much value out of these classes, Emily. I feel like you have changed my life because I really thought I would always suck at drawing but even I can see that while I am not as advanced as I want to be, I have improved. And if I keep going, I will get better still. I still have a ton of learning to do – especially where adding color is concerned – but I am inspired by the beautiful drawings you create and how you color them, and I am striving for that. Thank you for all the encouragement you’ve given in the live sessions its changed so much for me!"

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    5 Monthly Payments of..

    £85 per month

    9 Monthly Payments of..

    £49.99 per month

    Plus You'll Be Backed by a Risk-Free 30-Day Guarantee

    Let me say this now. 

    Emily's Notebook community is filled with highly motivated and super supportive members who are passionate about keeping a sketchbook and learning to fill them. When you join this course you become part of this group. 

    By the end of 30 days you'll have experienced the general approach to take whilst taking this course as well as the instant access 10 module course.  Meaning, you'll have had the opportunity to experience the course cycle in full as well as start filling your sketchbook using all the great content inside the course to do so. 

    If you don't feel totally confident that you have achieved value for money, simply reach out and show me how you've put in the work, and Emily's Notebook will refund your investment!

    Enroll now and choose your plan!

    A One-Time Payment Of.


    5 Monthly Payments of..

    £85 per month

    9 Monthly Payments of..

    £49.99 per month

    Frequently asked questions

    What level of experience do you need to do this course? 

    I'm a big believer that everyone can draw. This course is aimed at anyone who is interested in exploring the basic principles of drawing. The course includes tutorials on techniques you can adapt as well as supports you discover your own style. You can be a beginner or someone more advanced looking to improve technique, get and stay motivated, as well as learn the art of sketching. 

    Do I need any equipment to do this course?

    All you need to get started is a sketchbook, paper and pencil. In the introductory email sent once you register I make some recommendations of the types of sketchbook and basic equipment you can start to use. You don't need to rush out and buy anything expensive. You just need a sketchbook, pencil to get started. As we progress through the course I will be adding different ideas with regards to materials you might want to explore. 

    What if I can't make the live tutorials or finish the course? 

    You can access all the materials in your own time as the course is yours to keep. There is a lot of material to get through within the course modules. It's purpose is to provide you with a support library of tools that you can keep coming back to. The live Q&As will be uploaded to the learning community for you to re-watch. You may also prefer to work through the material at a more leisurely pace and simply jump on the live sessions when you are able! Plus you can revisit and jump back any of the courses as they reopen and run again. I want to make sure you feel as if you are on a journey of learning that doesn't just end after 30 days! 

    Will Emily be available and accessible to answer questions if I get stuck? 

    I will be jumping on live Q&A sessions on a weekly basis and at different times of the day to cater to an international audience and any specific challenges you may have. As a course member too you're welcome to email me directly. Other support will be through the community engaged on the course! The Facebook community is also an opportunity to share and discuss different challenges you may be having. 

    I'm based outside the UK. Is this course suitable for international students? 

    Yes! Absolutely. Emily will be making her live sessions available to all her audiences. All other materials related to the course can be accessed as appropriate to the time zone you are in.  

    Still Thinking About It?

    You should give "Sketch from Scratch to Sketchbook" a 30 day risk free shot if you're motivated by any of the following:

     You're determined to carve out time in your day to being creative and need some help to do so! 

     You'd love to explore and develop a drawing habit with the aim of filling sketchbooks documenting your journey. 

     You've always had creativity within you but never fully dedicated the time or energy to realising the extent of your creative potential! Its time to say goodbye to the negative gremlins and give this a go!

     More importantly you may have tried to get going in the past but failed! You want something more substantial that will last!

     PLUS...there is no such thing as falling behind as you can re-join the course at time during the course life span. Jump into weekly live sessions, revisit and explore areas you want to develop further. 

    Write your awesome label here.

    I personally cannot wait to guide you over this 60 day course and to get to know you over the course of the year. All the resources will be yours to keep to come back to time and time again..

    Keeping a daily drawing habit has literally transformed my life from how I view my world through to how I manage my well being!

    I've experienced first hand what it feels like to go from not knowing how to draw to learning to motivate myself, learn new techniques, practise, and start to uncover my creative style! I'm still learning that one too! 

    If you're someone who has always wanted to do this, you owe it to yourself to at least take a risk free plunge to experience the process filling a sketchbook can have on your confidence as well as well being. Just as it has done for me!

    To experience firsthand the pleasure, sense of achievement, connection to your creative self, (a side to your character that you may never have fully explored before) - and to build your drawing knowledge in order to bring new depth to your day, is something I can't wait to support you do! 

    Should you choose to accept my invitation, I personally guarantee filling your sketchbook will be just the start of your creative journey. 

    I personally look forward to meeting each and every single one of you! 

    Keep Sketching and can't wait to meet you soon! 

    Emily x

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    5 Monthly Payments of..

    £85 per month

    9 Monthly Payments of..

    £49.99 per month
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