A Sketchbook Guide to Using Colour!

 An introduction to the world of colour and how to apply it in your sketchbooks!

Join me for this 2 hour Masterclass, mini demos and online downloads!

January 12th. 6:30pm


Here's Whats Covered Inside!
Join me as we explore how to use colour in 2023! 

2 Hour Live Tutorial. 

Join Emily on Thursday 12th January at 6:30pm UK Time for 2 hours exploring the world of colour in your sketchbook! Recording and course pdfs and downloads will be made available for you to keep. 

How to Get Started? 

You've got your sketchbook and the drawings good to go inside, but now you're wondering where to actually start? What is a basic colour palette? And how do you understand how to use it? 


So off we go! Learn how to build and experiment with your palette of colours. Is there a unique colour spectrum waiting to be discovered that will be unique to you and your drawing?

Working with your materials!

Watercolour. Pencils. Pastel. Do similar rules apply? Does your colour look like sludge when you try and mix it? Do you want to understand how to blend and work with specific colours? We'll be experimenting with a variety of colours to get you started. 

Mini Demo Videos To Watch!

The colour wheel! Opposites attract! My own colour palettes in my sketchbooks and how you can create your own reference colour bible. All sections of the course will contain mini demo videos accompanying the pdf materials. 

How to Apply Your Learning!

Working with colour is a lifelong lesson! How do you take what you have learned in this session and apply it moving forward in your sketchbook practice? How do you practice colour? 

Course Lessons

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