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I'm a big believer that anyone can learn to sketch and draw. I love to share tips and techniques with people who want to fill their sketchbooks. I can't wait to share how I do so across my range of affordable and FREE bite size courses! Whether you just want to dip into a live session or access a longer course there are a range of options to support you develop your drawing and sketching skills! 
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Helping you Find Your Creative Voice One Sketch at a Time!
Let's Sketch Together!

Have you ever wished you could have a go at drawing, let alone fill a sketchbook? Now you can! 
I love to tell a story through my sketches and drawings and I'm here to support you tell yours too!

Mine started when I turned to keeping a sketchbook as part of my daily wellbeing routine.  As a busy corporate professional with a young family I developed a method of building in time and staying inspired through the pages of my sketchbook. 

You may be starting from scratch or already keep a daily written journal or sketchbook that you want to have a go at illustrating. Or perhaps you abandoned being creative a long time ago because life took over! Just like it did with me!

You may be a total beginner with a passion for being creative or someone who just needs a little bit of encouragement to get going again.

Whatever your skill level, Emily's Notebook learning community has a range of pick n mix courses and sessions designed to support you where you're at! The good news is that some are free and others won't break the bank! 

So come with me as we explore the magical world that is your sketchbook!

See you inside!

Emily x 

My approach

Helping you tell your story one sketch at a time!

1. Support you establish a drawing habit!

How do you commit to starting and keeping a sketchbook habit? Emily's Notebook will keep you inspired and encouraged, support you establish and maintain a sketching habit, and help build your artistic confidence as well as improve your wellbeing!

2. Fill a sketchbook!

What will motivate you to stay inspired and what are the practical tools and techniques you can use to not just sketch daily but improve over time in order to fill an entire sketchbook of choice? Build idea lists and grow in confidence from the world around you to complete a sketchbook!

3. Grow as an artist and develop your style!

Sketching is a wonderful self-development tool whatever your reasons and however you choose to use it!  You will start a creative journey when you keep a sketchbook and as your confidence grows so too does your emerging artistic style. 
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