Being Human. Session 4. 
How to Colour Skin Tone!
19th January 6:30pm UK Time. 

  • Level: Beginner to Intermediate
  • 1.5 hour live session + personal study
  • + Practical Modules and Pdf Guides
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    Course Lessons

    How Do You Create Colour For Skin Tone?

    In this session Emily will be exploring how to use colour when approaching human skin tones. She will be working with a palette of watercolours and sharing her colour charts when capturing human skin tones. 

    Inside the course you will find a list of the watercolour paints as well as general colours needed for this session that will form an essential part of the beginners human colour sketch kit. 

    You can still apply the colour combinations to other mediums too! 

    The session will explore how to use this new range of colours, how to create tint, tone and shade, some colour theory and what the differences are, and how to formulate your own palettes based on the skin colour you need. 

    This session includes a "live" session as well as a range of resource materials for you to use moving forward with your Being Human practice! An essential part of the being human toolkit. 

    “The human body is the best picture of the human soul!"
    Ludwig Wittgenstein
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